Accounts Payable
ShopWorX ERP



Maximize Your Cash Flow

Cash requirements planning and payment processing options help you control cash flow.

Save Money

You will easily and quickly take full advantage of vendor terms and discounts to reduce expenditures.

Improve Efficiencies

Timesaving invoice and payment processing options improve overall efficiency.

Improve Accuracy

Three-way-matching with Purchasing eliminates the need to enter duplicate information. Purchasing, Inventory Costing, Shop Orders, and the General Ledger are automatically updated.



The Accounts Payable module gives you the information you need to control cash flow and makes it easier and quicker to process accounts payable. The cash requirements feature helps you project cash needs. The payment processing options give you flexibility in writing checks, allowing you to choose which invoices to pay, when to pay them, and whether to generate checks manually or through the computer. Vendor information and Accounts Payable History is available at the press of a key.


Linked with Purchasing
The link with Purchase Order Processing allows matching of receivers with invoices online. A listing of items received but not invoiced may be generated at any time. If standard costing is in use, a purchase price variance is automatically calculated and posted.

Recurring Vouchers
This timesaving feature allows you to make a one-time entry for regularly due payments such as rents, loans, and insurance.

Cash Requirements
This planning tool helps you effortlessly project how much cash is needed to pay all invoices due on or before user-selected dates. This provides maximum control over your cash flow while saving time and paperwork.

Payment Selection
This versatile feature allows you to select what to pay by date, vendor or voucher. Vouchers selected for payment can be reviewed or modified before checks are printed.

Check Printing
You can pay several invoices with one check, and the remittance advice can be printed on the check stub or as a separate document.

Post Expenses to Shop Orders and General Ledger
The Accounts Payable module automatically updates Shop Orders and the General Ledger, which eliminates duplication of information, saves time, and reduces errors. Miscellaneous disbursements can be charged to any user-specified general ledger accounts.


Accounts Payable History
Panorama provides easy access to all payment information for both outstanding and paid invoices by vendor name or number.

Check Reversal
This is a quick and easy way to void a check. Reversal puts all invoices paid by the check back into open Accounts Payable and marks the check as void on the Check Register.

Throughout the year, the system tracks federal 1099-MISC information for year-end tax purposes.

Bank Reconciliation
The bank reconciliation module makes account balancing easy. Checks are automatically posted to the Bank Reconciliation system. You can balance your bank accounts online.

Separate Buy-From and Remit-To Addresses
The Vendor master file gives you the flexibility to enter separate addresses for Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable checks.

Vendor Information Tracking
Panorama allows you to keep information on all vendors, and get immediate, up-to-date reports of vendor activity such as number of invoices, year-to-date purchases, discounts, and more.

Accounts Payable Integration

  • Panorama
  • Purchasing
  • Shop Order Costing
  • Inventory Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation


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