ShopWorX ERP
Product Modules


Linux on the Server - Windows on the Client

InterNetworX focuses on the needs of the manufacturers we have served for over two decades. Our software, ShopWorX ERP, is the industry-leading manufacturing software for mid-sized manufacturers.

ShopWorX ERP is
an integrated system that includes the modules shown at the left, listed in order of normal business flow. Click the modules for an overview of their benefits and features. For slide presentations on the entire package, please click ShopWorX Overview at the bottom of the list.

ShopWorX ERP supports virtually every business function needed for a profitable, efficient operation, yet does not require an IT department.  We can also help you integrate third-party products needed in a manufacturing environment for functions such as data collection, time card processing, and portable inventory control terminal entry.

ShopWorX ERP is designed to run efficiently on Linux. However, when it's critical that you utilize an existing Unix server, we can install ShopWorX ERP for you on UNIX servers from all major computer manufacturers such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell.  We provide the technical expertise and training you need for an effective system.