Accounts Receivable
ShopWorX ERP


Maximize Your Cash Flow Potential

This module helps you track accounts receivable, allowing you to stay on top of past due invoices and take appropriate, timely action required to collect outstanding balances.

Exercise Control Over Customer Accounts

Open invoices, payment history, aging information, and credit status are all instantly available, giving you the information you need to control customer accounts. Account information is passed to the Customer Order module for credit checking purposes.


The Accounts Receivable module saves you time and effort in controlling all transactions that affect customer accounts. You have easy access to information on sales history, payment history, open invoices, paid invoices, follow-up notes, and all customer information. It provides an effective method of analyzing customer accounts and processing all types of cash receipts.

An analysis of customer accounts can be performed on-line using Panorama or a variety of aging reports. By using text attached to invoices and follow-up notes, disputed and delinquent invoices can be easily identified and tracked, leading to speedy resolution.

Payment promises and customer contacts can be tracked and tagged for automatic future follow-up.


Easy Access To Customer Information
Panorama allows you to quickly search for customers by account number or name. Once located, you can then check their current balance, average days to pay, date opened, and high balance at a glance.

Master Accounts
This feature is designed for posting cash and tracking transactions from customers with multiple bill-to addresses that pay from a centralized payment center.

Flexible Cash Application
Payments can be applied automatically to the oldest invoice first or based on remittance advice. Non-accounts receivable cash may be entered as well and posted to general ledger accounts.

Follow-up Notes
To aid in collections, you can enter text by customer with a follow-up date specifying when additional action should be taken. A follow-up notification program will then provide a reminder that an action is pending. In addition, text can be attached to individual invoices to identify and help resolve disputes.

Aging Reports
You can select your own aging days and level of detail (summary, open transactions or all transactions) when printing aging reports. Aging reports can be consolidated or printed for a single company. Credit hold, past due, and credit balance aging reports are also available.

Panorama provides quick and easy access to information on open transactions, paid/closed transactions, check history, date of first sale, date of last sale, average days to pay, high balance, year-to-date sales, and last payment date. You can search by customer number, customer name, master account number, or master account name.

Customer Statements
The flexible customer statement printing option allows you to send an account status to all customers, only those customers with a past due balance, or only those customers requiring a monthly statement.

Service Charges
This feature provides the option to calculate service charges on past due invoices. Using user-defined parameters, the system will calculate and create debit memos for customers with past due invoices or balances.

Bank Reconciliation
Cash deposits are automatically posted using the Bank Reconciliation module. You can balance your bank accounts online.

Accounts Receivable Integration
  • Panorama
  • Quoting
  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Billing
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation



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