ShopWorX ERP


Increase Sales

Automatically triggers follow-ups on existing quotes.

Increase Profit Margins

Helps you track costs and fine-tune margins.

Build Sales Skills

Allows you to easily track and respond to lost business.

Save Time

Allows you to quickly and easily create Customer Orders using Quotes.

Improve Productivity

Generates more quotes in less time.



Flexibility is the key to the Quoting module. You can prepare simple price quotes, or generate single level or multiple level, detailed cost build-ups. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of costs, apply separate margin percentages to each cost element, and spread one-time costs, such as setups and tooling over a number of quantities. Quotes can be created from scratch, from another quote, an open or closed order, process sheets, bills of materials, or templates that you design. You can link multiple estimates for quoting of tooling and piece parts, or for building up costs of multiple-level subassemblies into a final product.

The Quote module prints a formal quotation, along with a cost worksheet. By setting specific follow-up dates, a report by salesperson and follow-up date can be generated to be sure opportunities are not being lost. Quotes can be converted to orders; or, if the business is lost, reason codes can be defined and assigned for later review. Quotes stay in history until you decide they are no longer useful.


Tight Integration
The Quote/Estimating module gives you complete access to the information in your database. For example, when entering material, you can choose from the item’s last cost, average cost, current cost, quoted cost, standard cost, or enter a new cost.

Quickly Generate Quotes
By using existing information in a same-as-except-for mode, you can easily generate quote variations. You can choose from a variety of information sources, including open or closed shop orders, other quotations, bills of materials, and process sheets, and then combine this data with information you enter.

Unlimited Text
You can enter an unlimited amount of text on the customer quotation and on your estimate worksheet. Use the system to print formal quotations, either on plain paper or on your pre-printed quote form.

Quote Reports
Open quotes can be analyzed by customer, part, sales rep, expiration date, follow-up date, or expected margin. You can also use the Report Writer to generate additional quote reports.

Quote Status Reporting
Convert quotations to customer and/or shop orders without redundant entry. As part of this process, the original quote is automatically flagged as accepted. When bids are lost, you can indicate the reason for the loss. Statistics are also available on the number of quotes issued, accepted, and rejected by reason code.

Quoting Integration
  • Customer Orders
  • Bills of Material
  • Process Sheets
  • Shop Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Time Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Costing


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