General Ledger
ShopWorX ERP


Immediate Access to Information

This comprehensive financial analysis tool allows comparison of current results against historical performance and budget projections, and it provides the latest financial data for informed decision-making.

Maximum Flexibility in Reporting

Generate accurate reports by time period, by account or range of accounts, and by transaction types.

Eliminate Duplicate Entries

Full integration with all applicable ShopWorX modules saves time and reduces errors.



The General Ledger module will allow you to easily, quickly, and accurately track the dollars and cents of your business. It gives you the facts you need to evaluate financial results and product line profitability. It includes fixed journal entries, standard journal entries, manual journal entries, accrual/reversing entries, allocation entries, budgets, asset accounting and an interface to map your chart of accounts to the ShopWorX software. All system transactions are maintained to provide an audit trail with date, amount, account and login name. General Ledger gives you complete control of your financial information, which can be used to make decisions that improve your company’s productivity and profitability.


12 or 13 Period Accounting Cycle
Define quarterly, monthly, four week, or 4-4-5 accounting periods for the entire fiscal year at one time.

Multiple Open Periods
At year-end, you can close financial links to other modules and process prior period adjustments for up to 18 periods. This allows you to continue processing data for the current year without having all the information necessary to complete the previous year-end.

Fixed Asset Tracking and Depreciation
Define fixed assets and establish depreciation methods for both book and tax reporting.

Journal Entry Options
Define accrual/reversing entries for automatic posting each period. You can create one-time journal entries or convert a manual journal entry to a standard journal entry.


Account Reallocation
This feature allows you to distribute amounts from one account to a group of accounts based on percentages.

Trial Balance Options
Year-to-date balances of all general ledger accounts can be printed in a summary or detail format. An online trial balance review by account is also available.

Flexible Account Numbering Structure
Department codes can be embedded in account numbers to facilitate separate financial reporting by corporation, company, division, or department.

Immediate budget comparisons such as actual-to-budget or actual-to-prior-year are available for each account by accounting period.

General Ledger Integration
  • Panorama
  • Shop Orders
  • Time Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Customer Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Costing
  • Bank Reconciliation


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