ShopWorX ERP


Provide Timely Information

Update order status, inventory, and shipping data, creating timely information.

Reduce Paperwork

Create Packing Slips and Shipping Labels at time of Shipment.

Track Performance

Daily Shipping Register indicates shipping efficiency.

Increase Billing Accuracy

Shipping data is electronically passed to account for billing without introducing entry errors.


With the Shipping Module you can generate packing slips and shipping labels, either in advance or at the time of shipment. Shipping data will be used to generate invoices, and you can review shipments pending invoices.


An Unshipped Parts report will assist you when customer demand exceeds product availability.

Picking lists can be printed based on scheduled ship date, selected customer, all non-printed orders, and product availability with full order or partial order fulfillment.

Shipping labels can be printed when the order is entered or at the time of shipment.

Shipping provides real-time, accurate information from the shipping department. The customer order, and inventory will be updated immediately upon shipping. Carriers, Pro numbers, product shipments, backorders, and lot numbers can all be tracked, providing accurate and timely customer information.

Interface to Accounting
The packing slip can be retrieved at time of billing. At any time, a listing of all orders that have been shipped but not billed is available, insuring that no billings are lost.

Shipping Integration

  • Panorama
  • Customer Orders
  • Inventory
  • Customer Billing



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