Report Writer
ShopWorX ERP


Access All the Information in your Database

Instantly obtain the specific information you need.

Make Better Business Decisions

Base your decisions on accurate, up-to-date data.

Maximize the Investment in your Information System

Reduce time and money spent on custom programming.

Optimize Productivity

Tailor the system to meet your needs. Online help guides users through the process. Save queries and reports for future use.


The Report Writer module is a powerful, flexible, information retrieval and analysis tool. This sophisticated product combines a powerful database that has relational capabilities with an easy-to-use custom report writer. Users determine what data they want and how it’s to be conditioned, sorted, and totaled. Information can be printed, displayed, passed directly to Microsoft Excel®, or exported to a variety of spreadsheet and database products using flat ASCII files. Once established, reports can be saved for reuse and shared among users within a department or company.


Complete Integrated Solution
Written by InterNetworX, the Report Writer was designed to tightly integrate with the manufacturing and accounting modules. With the proper security clearance, it allows users to access any information in the system.

Combine Power with Ease of Use
By separating the database administration functions (such as relational joins and derives) from the report writer, InterNetworX has created a system that is extremely flexible, yet can be used by non-technical users.

The database administrator can limit information available to the user by utilizing the Database Security module.

Unlimited Custom Reports
Reports can be created by anyone when needed. The system guides users through the process, with the available on-line help.

Multiple Database Views
The data dictionary, a centralized directory that stores all the information about your database and its structure, allows creation of special views for report writer purposes. These views can consist of data elements from any number of related tables, as well as derived data, which are the result of database calculations.

Ensures Data Integrity
The Report Writer can operate in a read-only mode, which means the users cannot change stored data.

Flexible Presentation of Information
From within a given table view, the user can select the data elements to be used and the order in which they wish to see them. This subset of the database can be saved for user, a group of users, or the entire organization to reuse. The sort order of the selected data may then be determined.

"If-Then" Conditioning
By conditioning the data, exception reports are easily generated. By providing useful information, not just raw data, users can focus on problems.

Automatic Formatting
Reports can be printed or displayed. Headings and columns will automatically be formatted and justified, based on the page size selected.

Export Capabilities
Information can be easily exported directly to Microsoft Excel® or to other popular spreadsheets, word processing, and database programs. Graphs and form letters can be created in this fashion.

Report Writer Integration
  • Quoting
  • Customer Orders
  • Shipping
  • Sales Analysis
  • Bills of Material
  • Process Sheets
  • Configurator
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Master Scheduling
  • Rough Cut Planning
  • Shop Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Time Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Purchase Orders
  • Blanket Orders
  • Receiving
  • Inspection
  • Inventory
  • Customer Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Costing
  • Microsoft Excel®
  • ASCII export


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