Bills of Material
ShopWorX ERP


Save Time

Dramatically reduce the creation of new bills of material using same-as-except-for and mass change and delete capabilities.

Reduce Errors

With one database serving engineering, manufacturing, costing, and planning, errors are eliminated.

Improve Communications

Communicate all necessary information from within the bill of material processor to the shop floor using engineering change notices and revision level control. Both functions allow for full text descriptions that can be copied to a shop order.



With the Bills of Material module, you can easily create and maintain bills of material. You can define parent-component relationships by copying an existing bill, or by starting from scratch. You can search for items by part number, key words, alternate part number, vendor part number, customer part number, or description. You can effectively and simply keep track of product revision levels including: dates, processes, drawing numbers, and CAD references. You can also assign effective dates, which allows you to enter bills prior to releasing them, as well as search historical and future bills.

Engineering change notices give you the tool you need to maintain control in a dynamic environment. Use the bill processor for single-level, indented, summarized explosions, and where-used reports.


Same-As-Except-For Bill of Material Creation
Copying an existing bill to create new Bills of Material will save time and increase accuracy. Only the information that is different needs to be entered.

Unlimited Text
The text editor allows you to enter as much detail as you need, both in Engineering Change Notices and in parent/component records. Text associated with a Process Sheet step will print on future shop orders.

Where-Used Capability
You can search for all the places a component is used in either a single-level or indented format, which allows you to see the effect of changes before you make them.

Audit Trail
Additions, changes, and deletions can be done online or in batch mode. In batch mode, you can print an edit report to review and correct bills before the changes are accepted by the system. Whether in online or batch mode, a full audit trail of all changes is available.

Multiple Views
View options include: single-level, multi-level, or summarized formats. You can view current, historical, future, or all bills, and see them with or without costs. By integrating the Database Report Writer with the Engineering Management module ShopWorX provides the flexibility to design custom reports.

Dimensional Data
You can include the dimensions of components when they are inventoried in one unit of measure and used in another. For example, if you have inventoried steel plate in pounds, you can enter the cut dimensions of the component, as well as the pounds-per-piece required. You can also have the system determine the quantity per assembly based on the dimensions.

Effectivity Dating
Using effectivity dating and revision codes will allow changing the bills of material in advance. Planning and manufacturing are alerted, and the proper components ordered.

ECN Tracking
Engineering Change Notices can be maintained and tracked. Unlimited text can be assigned to an ECN, explaining the reason for, and nature of, the change.

Revision Level Tracking
Multiple revision levels can be tracked, allowing easy access to past and future revisions. Each revision level will track ECN, Reason, Start Date, Stop Date, Process Sheet Number, Option Code, Alternate Codes, Drawing Number, and CAD Number. This capability, combined with Inventory Lot Control, will allow your company to manufacture and stock multiple revisions of the same part number.

Engineering Integration

  • Panorama
  • Quoting
  • Process Sheets
  • Configurator
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Shop Orders
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Costing


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