Process Sheets
ShopWorX ERP


Save Time

Dramatically reduce the creation of new process sheets, commonly called routings or bills of labor, using same-as-except-for, standard operations and copy capabilities.

Reduce Errors

By sharing one database serving engineering, manufacturing, costing, and planning, errors are eliminated.

Improve Communication

Communicate all necessary information to the shop floor using setup and run labor operations and sub-contract operations, with full text descriptions.



Process Sheets
You define the steps necessary to manufacture an item using this tool. You can have any number of process sheets per item, and multiple items can share a common process sheet. You can create a process sheet by copying from an existing process sheet, shop order, or quote. Unlimited text gives you the ability to document procedures in detail. Links to the Engineering Management module provide the ability to associate labor operations with required material to facilitate just-in-time deliveries.


Same-As-Except-For Creation
Copying an existing process sheet to create new process sheets will save time and increase accuracy. Only the information that is different needs to be entered or changed.

Unlimited Text
The text editor allows you to enter as much detail as you need, both in labor steps and sub-contract steps. Text associated with a Process Sheet step will print on future shop orders.

Where-Used Capability
You can search for all the places a work center is used, in a single-level or indented format, which allows you to see the effect of changes before you make them.

Multiple Views
View options include: header information, labor steps, sub-contract steps, single level bill of materials, or all steps summary. You can view optional process sheets or alternate operations.


Common Process Sheets
You can share process sheets with multiple manufactured items. This includes items with different bills of material that share a common process flow.

Options and Alternates
Each process sheet can include optional process sheets. These optional process sheets can be combinable or replacement routings. Using the combinable method, multiple process sheets can be merged to create a unique process sheet. Using the replacement method provides the ability to manufacture a single item using multiple methods. Options are selected when the shop order is created.

Alternative operations provide the flexibility to produce an item multiple ways using a single process sheet. For each step (operation), within the process sheet, you can specify alternate operations. This allows you to define two or more machines that can complete the task but may have differing rates. You can also specify standards for producing the item in-house or sub-contracting the operation.

Process Sheet Integration

  • Quoting
  • Configurator
  • Bills of Material
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Rough Cut Planning
  • Master Scheduling
  • Shop Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Time Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Costing


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