Enterprise Resource Planning
ShopWorX ERP


Plan Instead of React

Gives you an accurate view of changing production, purchasing, and financial requirements, and helps you plan to meet those requirements without guesswork.

Improve Customer Service

Enhances your ability to provide the right products, at the right time, and the right price.

Reduce Inventory Levels

Time-phased information on inventory requirements allows you to order material as needed.



The Enterprise Resource Planning module gives you a tool for planning the effective use of all of your company’s resources. With tighter control of these resources, you’ll realize reductions in inventory, lead times and operating costs, and improvements in delivery performance and profits. Above all, InterNetworX’s Enterprise Resource Planning will help you remain competitive.

You’ll be able to utilize and manipulate information on forecasted and planned orders, get a quick snapshot of what’s currently happening and request action reports, which tell you what needs to be done. Planned order reports tell you what and when to buy or make. You’ll be able to easily determine capacity at any given time, as well as requirements for labor hours, labor dollars, and material dollars.


Master Scheduling
This feature allows you to schedule activities based on forecast demand and firm planned orders. It can also adjust your forecast, reducing it by the number of units actually sold. The forecast report allows you to compare your forecast against actual results.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning is a bucket-less planning system that allows you to choose either regenerative or net change updates. Its multiple lot sizing rules let you pick the reorder method most appropriate for each individual item. The pegging feature lets you associate transactions back to the source of the demand, which tells you why you should make or buy an item. User-defined bucket sizes provide definition for multiple planning periods.

Action Report
This report includes only those items that have exceptions, and indicates the necessary actions to be taken for each exception. The report can be printed by planner code, and uses a time fence and selection of exception codes to focus the amount of information.


Planned Order Report
Reviewing this report tells you what you need to make or buy, how many, and when. The report can be printed by planner code or part number, and can be printed for make parts, buy parts, or all parts.

Work Center Load Analysis
This feature lets you review whether or not you have the capacity to meet your plan. You can review either all work centers or only those that are over- or under-loaded.

Rough Cut Planning
With this tool, you can look at your labor requirements in hours or dollars, your materials cost projections, and your vendor expenditures. You define the time periods and what types of demand to include, whether it’s released, firm planned, and/or planned orders.

Enterprise Resource Planning Integration
  • Panorama
  • Customer Orders
  • Shipping
  • Bills of Material
  • Process Sheets
  • Shop Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Time Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Costing


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