IBM PureFlex


IBM PureFlex System

PureFlex™ System is a fully integrated system with unified management of compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources that utilize built-in Patterns of Expertise based on IBM's decades of experience and thousands of client deployments.

Earlier in 2012, IBM announced a new class of systems – expert integrated systems. These systems are revolutionizing IT and how we work. InterNetworX Systems has partnered with IBM to enable on the technology and provide clients with a faster time to value ERP solution for small- to mid-sized companies. The new systems are called IBM PureSystems. IBM PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to a workload -- fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT.

InterNetworX Systems has enabled it’s ShopWorX ERP 8.4 solution on the IBM PureFlex System, a member of the PureSystems family. ShopWorX ERP handles every business function of make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers. The PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of ShopWorX ERP workloads. Deployment expertise can accelerate time to value up to 100 times versus traditional systems. Consolidation and management expertise drives automation to significantly reduce manual processes that consume too many staff hours. Optimization expertise also allows the infrastructure to flex to unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity. This system is designed to provide a simplified experience and reduce IT complexity without compromising flexibility.

ShopWorX ERP on a PureFlex System delivers built-in expertise from InterNetworX Systems and IBM. Expertise in tuning, configuration and optimization of the ShopWorX ERP application is built into a virtual appliance on IBM PureFlex so you get fast application deployments, improved application performance, and faster application upgrades.

InterNetworX’s ShopWorX ERP virtual appliance pattern for IBM PureFlex System is now available for download. Please call 262-792-0050 ext. 251 or email for more details.

Learn more about IBM PureSystems at: PureSystems Information