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IBM has announced PureSystems expert integrated systems providing rapid implementation and the flexibility of the cloud with the simplicity of an appliance. InterNetworX is pleased to announce certification on this fundamentally new computing platform. Learn about ShopWorX ERP on PureFlex Here.

InterNetworX has released Version 8.4 with advanced features:

  • ShopWorX Query facilitates access to all stored data and enables easy export to Excel from the main menu.
  • ShopWorX Forms Routing provides for automatically routing all printed output to business partners.
  • ShopWorX Contact Information stores all business contacts in an Outlook-compatible LDAP database.



InterNetworX Systems serves mid-sized make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers who produce items to customer specifications. We provide fully-integrated ERP software to serve your entire business - planning, manufacturing, scheduling, costing, accounting and customer support.

Our focus at InterNetworX is:

  • Manufacturing ERP Systems
  • Networked Client/Server Architecture
  • Linux servers linked to Windows clients
  • Customer Service
  • Rapid Deployment

We produce solid, proven software products for mid-sized manufacturers. If, instead of the newest "solution"-of-the-month sporting the latest acronym, you want solid, high-performance software that works, ShopWorX ERP is the package for you.

ShopWorX ERP utilizes Microsoft Windows® on the desktop and Linux/Unix on the server.

InterNetworX Systems brings people with expertise and experience together to guide your manufacturing business. Providing easy-to-use applications, a high level of customer support and a long history of successful implementation, InterNetworX is dedicated to our customers.


If one thing differentiates InterNetworX, it's our people -- they are the industry's best. Our consultants have strong manufacturing backgrounds with hands-on experience and we strongly emphasize APICS certification, setting us apart from other suppliers in our industry. Our company has a reputation for providing a high level of support. InterNetworX direct sales and support offices are located in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.


At InterNetworX Systems we understand the needs of manufacturers. Our ERP software package is optimized for mid-size engineer-to-order, make-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturers who typically have sales in the range of $5 million to $100 million.


Our proven technologies, sound approach to project management and over twenty years of experience ensure a rapid and successful implementation so our clients can achieve results faster.

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